Kids’ Ministry, Mindanao

What are the children to do???

Children nationwide have not been able to attend school since March due to the pandemic. There is a new target date of October 5th for opening of school. We are sad because the morning laughter we usually hear on our morning walks next to an elementary school, is eerily quiet.

In one village, God has been using a 10 year old girl Jyrah to teach other kids her age

Well, this has become a perfect opportunity for some to take home the children’s discipleship lessons from Explorers Club.


So far during the pandemic, booklets have been distributed to 1600 kids many of whom have completed the 12 lessons.


In one village, God has been using a 10 year old girl Jyrah, already a Christian, to teach other kids her age, and even help lead them to Christ!


Just before we were quarantined, in January and February 2020, we were able to hold two teachers’ trainings for the Explorers Discipleship program for kids. 35 teachers were trained and provided the workbooks needed. It’s only 5 pesos for them to purchase one workbook, so we were expecting big classes.




For a while we were stuck in limbo not knowing what to do. As usual the Lord had something special planned!


Because of the quarantine Schools are closed. No classes could be held and most Churches were closed too! However, children could gather in small family groups, and no one could stop them from reading the printed stories of God’s Word!


Here’s one testimony from a mother of one of the kids:


“I was very surprised to see my child memorizing Bible verses early in the morning. TIKTOK used to be the first thing she does every morning. I am very proud to hear her reading her Explorers lesson aloud and memorizing Bible Verses.”


Written by Ruth Copsey

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