Chisitu health centre receives water!

Community leader shares his joy in seeing change resulting from training.

Emmanuel International Malawi, with assistance from USAID through Management Science for Health, is conducting the Organised Network of Services for Everyone (ONSE) project in Mulanje District. In this project, selected individuals from the villages are chosen and trained as a Health Centre Management Committee (HCMC). Their role is to ensure that the Health Centres are properly managed.

When a community becomes aware of a problem and learns how to address the problem, change happens!

Chisitu Health Centre serves a population of 25,651. When the Health Centre Management Committee met for the first time, they realized that the Health Centre lacked water, among other things. One of the areas the committee had trained on was resource mobilization. Equipped with this expertise, the HCMC wrote a proposal and presented it to Senior Chief Chikumbu. Here they were advised to look for donors to assist them with the water problem. Finally they found donors. Two weeks later the donors brought an electric water pump to Chisitu Health Centre. The water was connected to the tank and to the pipelines. The Chairman of HCMC for Chisitu Health Centre, Hastings Khavitha, is very thankful to Emmanuel International Malawi for the productive training he underwent.
Written by Patricia Saulos

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