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Over 2,000 people killed, others missing and nearly 10,000 injured

On Saturday August 14, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti. It has caused widespread structural damage, with aftershocks expected to occur. The death toll has risen to over 2,200, with nearly 300 still missing and at least 9,900 with injuries. 

With your help, we would like to distribute supplies such as food, water, and portable shelters.

Many people are frightened to enter their homes due to ongoing tremors which are shaking their homes; these families forced to seek shelter outside.


The arrival of Tropical Storm Grace has caused further issues.  Add this to the current uncertain political climate and the presence of gangs who had been disrupting relief efforts, the country of Haiti needs our prayers and our assistance.

EI and our partner OEBB church (Bethesda Mission) have been working together to help communities and families in Haiti for 40 years. Our partners in Haiti are asking for our assistance to help earthquake survivors and those affected by Tropical Storm Grace.

 An appeal for funds has gone out from EI Canada and EIUK. 

Please see their websites for ways to contribute to these people in need.

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